Wahu Swim Vest - Click to Select Size & Colour

Wahu Swim Vest - Click to Select Size & Colour

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Wahu Swim Vests are a secure buoyancy aids for little kids who love being in or around the water. Wahu has swim vests in small, medium and large sizes for kids aged between 2 to 6+ years old. Fashioned in bright, sunny colours with hip Wahu graphics, these vests are both stylish and safe.

Our Wahu Swim Vests fully comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS1900:2014 for flotation aids and must only be used under strict adult supervision.

Please note: Swim Vests are not a life preserver (PFD). They are designed to allow the child to put their head underwater.

- Small 15-25kg (age guide 2-3 years)
- Medium 20-30kg (age guide 4-5 years)
- Large 30-50kg (age guide 6-12 years)

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