Slackers - Ninja Obstacle Course with bounce balls

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It's time to put your ninja warrior training to the test with the Slackers Deluxe Ninja Competition Set! Set up the course with family and friends for a head-to-head or team competition to add some excitement to get-togethers, birthday parties, or just an afternoon playing in the backyard! This complete set allows for dozens of different set-ups, so no matter the age or skill level, you can create a course for great family fun!

The set includes diagrams for suggested course set-ups, two hop sacks, eight agility rings, two jump ropes, bear crawl posts, and over 150 of twine.
Head-to-head, team or timed competition! Includes 2 hop sacks, 2 bounce Balls 2 jump ropes, 8 agility rings with connectors, bear crawl stakes and twine.
Use the suggested course set-ups or create your own!
The set includes:

  • two 30 x 20 reinforced hop sacks
  • two 24 Inch Bounce Balls
  • two jump ropes
  • eight 14" agility rings with dual use connectors
  • eight birch wood bear crawl stakes
  • over 150' of twine
  • Customizable course layout

Product Code: SLA802

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